No animal drama

Many years ago there was a Shredded Wheat ad in Canada with the Smothers Brothers. One of them does a little spiel about how SW has no added sugar or salt. The other one looks in the box and says “And no broccoli!” as if this is even better.

I am fully aware that “no animal drama” doesn’t say much about my week but compared to a recent week, when the sheep went missing overnight and then had to be literally dragged back home by the horns and the cat got a huge gash in the belly that led to a huge gash in my credit card bill … well, I’ll take it.

I took some chicken photos this week. As I said, we have a dozen roosters. This is the most beautiful

Captain Jack, a gold laced Wyandotte rooster

So named because he’s kind a flashy in the way Johnny Depp’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean is.

I also frequently look at him and think of colourwork sweaters. That picture doesn’t really capture it well (I’m only slowly recovering from the camnesia, you can’t expect high quality photography) his neck feathers have really pretty tips and form kind of a yoke effect.

I admitted these musings on Twitter and Glenna actually suggested some colour combos. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a good idea to knit chicken inspired sweaters :-).

On the homeschooling front, I think someone has replaced Freya with a very good replica. She’s said things like “I’m growing up, you know. You don’t have to remind me of everything.” (on the topic of whether she’d started her novel yet) and “I thought I could put my science project off for tomorrow but I’d really like to get started on that later today”

She was also sweeping the floor the other day and talking about maybe vacuuming upstairs.

I kind of like the replica but it’s a bit disarming.

My work is going well, too. Much less busy than I was a month ago but still have stuff to do. Also, I’m planning a live in person version of a class I’ve been doing using tele-conference. That’s been kind of fun and I’m looking forward to it.

This week my yoga place starts fall classes. One free week followed by the regular fall term. I’m soooo looking forward to that. I need the structure of a class to really do yoga regularly. Thursday evenings aren’t going to work this term though (on account of that teleclass) so I’m going to try Monday mornings. Not too early, though. A 10 a.m. class is more my speed.

Knitting is happening. And I am feeling inspired to knit Christmas gifts. I should probably be cagey about who these are for in case any of them drops by here.

Socks with Pints On

I’ve started some Socks with Pints On. These are charming to knit.

There was a delay due to the dogs running off with the ball of yarn for the next row of pints (a reddish ale). They tangled it up really nicely. Even got a twig in it.

There is a related mitten pattern that I might knit for myself. Not with green background though.

I also bought yarn for a hat and scarf set that took my fancy.

I have some charm squares and table runner patterns around here for holiday table runners for other gifts. I’m poly-craftual, you know. And the replicant teen and I even did a bit of tidying in the craft room last weekend so I might be able to do something with those.

Of course no knitting or quilting gets done while I’m on the computer. So I’ll stop there.

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