Farm update

Finally got around to downloading some photos today. So I thought I’d share a few.

Remember those 2 little pigs we got in June 2009? Well, this is the smaller one on his last day of life (end of March, 2010). He wasn’t small any more; approximately 300 lbs. A big pig.

We now have about 12 kg of bacon and quite a lot of ham, along with some ground pork, pork chops, etc.

And we bought more pigs!

These ones are a cross between the Large Black and a Yorkshire (your standard pink pig), hence the white noses on some of them (and socks, some of them have socks).

We’ve put them in a different field and they have lots of space. Despite that, they keep breaking out. I think we’ve fixed the holes in the fence where they were doing that but the other day the seem to have got the gate open.

When they escape they don’t go far. They know where we keep the food, and hang out in the yard between the house and that shed. The other day everyone was out and they also “weeded” the flower beds, dug up a bit of lawn, and were found by the neighbour down by the creek. She brought them home and shut them in the barn. Mat took her a bottle of wine.

And here are the hens

Five of the six, in the orchard where that big pig lived over the winter. I think pig poop has nice bugs in it (if you are a hen).

This is Mavis, one of the 2 hens we were given as a housewarming gift.

She doesn’t want to be bossed about by Gladys but doesn’t mind if Gladys bosses the others about, so she mostly hangs out on her own. She sleeps on her own in one of the nesting boxes, too, though one night she decided to sleep in the shed instead. It has a door that locks so we were okay with that.

and a cat for good measure

This is Donner, looking regal on a log across from the back door.


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