He’s a lumberjack …

Okay, I really shouldn’t be quote Monty Python but the Englishman with the chainsaw kind of brings it to mind.

That is a dead pine that is in front of the house. Very dead.

Mat did the fancy Pythagorean theorem stuff with a ruler and arm and so on to figure how tall it was and where it might fall. Moved the car and then got to work.

It was harder to get it to actually fall over than we thought. Wedges needed. More than we thought.

But it fell exactly where he wanted it to, which is a good thing.

As I write this he is chopping it up so there is a space to park the car.


3 thoughts on “He’s a lumberjack …

  1. Damn! Now you’ve got that song running through my head. I dress in women’s clothing … and hang around in bars!!! (By the way, my husband once did a performance of that song, topped it off by wearing a bra, and had it taped. Classic stuff!)


  2. How very butch! Sounds like a satisfying endeavour all round – and even if pine isnt the ebst wood for burning, if it’s there and dry, seems wrong not to!


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