More progress, maybe even real progress

I admit that I spent most of today sitting here in front of the computer. My big accomplishment was my quarterly GST return, a job made more difficult by the recent breakdown of my bookkeeping system. And one that made me realize that I owed my graphic designer quite a bit of money. Oops. All sorted now. Phew.

But at the end of the day I decided to tackle the other end of the room again. One of the first things I found was a box of Freya’s stuff. Including her elusive clock/radio. So I set that up and moved the boom box in here. Went and got me some Robbie Williams CDs from downstairs and a cold beer…

Here is the result (do click for bigger; it gets cropped oddly for the thumbnail):

you can almost imagine sewing here...

you can almost imagine sewing here...

that’s the corner of the “look there’s floor” photo from yesterday. Lots more floor. A bunch of boxes that were there didn’t even belong in this room. 2 small boxes of Freya’s books and another large box of her stuff.

I had been contemplating putting the sewing machine behind the door next to the closet. And then I thought about putting it in that corner you see in the photo. But when it was in the space it occured to me that looking out the window is at least as important for sewing as it is for working (my computer faces a window).

Those boxes stacked up next to the sewing machine table all contain related supplies. Fabric, a really cool thing with lots of spools of thread on it (wrapped in paper for moving), that sort of thing. There are more boxes of fabric in the closet. Sorting the fabric will be a whole other project.

I figure that if the cubic foot issue really is problematic, I could get some low trofast for that corner and still have space for a quilt design wall above it. Maybe the spool holder thingamy will go on the wall between the window and closet. It doesn’t stick out very far so wouldn’t impede access to the closet.

As you can see, along the wall there are a lot of plastic boxes. Mostly yarn and fibre. Two contain stuff for junk modelling, building miniatures etc. I’m not sure F does enough of that to justify the space taken up with boxes of toilet roll tubes, plastic caps, etc.

There are now only 3 carboard boxes remaining and they are the smaller ones used for books. On top of that, they are almost empty.


Those have bits of stuff I’m not sure what to do with. I’m going to have to take Jen’s advice and just do it one piece at a time. (That pile of stuff to the left is for the recycling.)

There is still an orphan pile of jigsaw puzzles in the middle of the floor. Not idea where those want to live nor if they really need to live in here. And some random craft supplies. And all the knitting and spinning stuff.

BUT the important thing is that I can now imagine actually moving this table I’m using as a temporary desk over to that side of the room to be a worktable for crafts and homeschooling.

Which is what feels like real progress.


5 thoughts on “More progress, maybe even real progress

  1. looks good, I think you could hang the spool thingy, it would be alright there and free up some table space. I am home tonight and I will be happy to sleep in a bed that is not as horrible as these res. beds are.


  2. It won’t happen in a week. We’ve been sorting for seven months, and there are still things in temporary places. But we are slowly getting there.


  3. YOu are making amazing progress! Make sure you are rewarding yourself with a nightly beer and chat with the pigs!


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