Unpacking the craft supplies

As always I have been remiss with the photos so there isn’t really a “before” shot of this. Too depressing to contemplate anyway.

This is the view from my desk after todays contribution to the effort.

The craft room 2 July 09

The craft room 2 July 09

When we moved in, those boxes were at least 2 high. You couldn’t really see the windows. And there wasn’t anywhere near as much visible floor.

Those bookshelves on the left were bought in an earlier phase of getting unpacked. I decided we needed to have bookshelves that left wall space to hang art on. IKEA afficionadoes will recognize that they are Billy. I’m seriously considering whether to squeeze another narrow one in at the end there.

Look, there is more floor today…

newly cleared floor

newly cleared floor

I know, it doesn’t look like much. But it is. Believe me.

Today, I did a couple of things to move this project along. I took a bunch of stuff the movers put in this room down to the basement or to other rooms.

Shelves we aren’t going to put up in here. Games that we play downstairs so they need to be downstairs. That sort of thing.

But mostly, I just plodded on with unpacking and organizing the craft supplies.

When we first moved I got stuck on the best “storage solution”. And I know that sometimes the urge to go out and buy a solution is just displacement from other things. But in this case, I knew we needed something.

In the old house, the craft supplies were stored on regular shelves. Yes, there were plastic bins but somehow it didn’t really work. No one could get at anything. When something got taken off the shelf, the stuff next to it shuffled over so it was never clear where it needed to go back to. Ick.

I had some idea in my head of what might work, but I was really struggling to find it in a real shop. And I didn’t want to build it myself.

Then, when I was in IKEA buying all that Billy, I noticed that they did tall Trofast units. I bought one for inside Freya’s closet so she could have drawers for her underwear and socks and shelves for t-shirts, sweaters and things. And no chest of drawers in the main part of the room. And I started to think ….

So I went back and got 2 more tall ones. And lots of shallow tubs and shelves. The closet in this room will fit 4 but I only have 2. I want to make sure this is right before spending even more money. Here’s how it’s working:

craft supply storage

craft supply storage

Some of the old plastic bins have just been put on a shelf. The beading stuff on the left there, for example. And some things are more organized. The two bins at the top right contain drawing and painting supplies, with 2 shelves of sketchbooks, pastel paper, etc. underneath. I need to figure out what to do with the large pads of newsprint but that’s a minor detail (and the major thing still in the box nearest the closet in the first photo).

There is a lot of fabric, yarn, and fibre in the remaining boxes. And I have no clue what I’m going to do with them. There are several plastic boxes of fabric in the other side of that closet already. And half a dozen boxes of yarn stacked up under the window. Oy vey.

It is slowly coming together. I think the next priority is to get the sewing machine (that white piece of furniture under the end window in the first photo) into a useable place.

But now, I have to stop procrastinating about organizing by blogging about organizing and go eat my dinner.

5 thoughts on “Unpacking the craft supplies

  1. Wow. Gorgeous. Amazing. Impressive!

    If you don’t know where to put something, just close your eyes and ask, “Where does my body want to reach for this?” And trust what comes up.

    Your body knows what it wants.

    Brava, Jo!


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  3. YOu know this post got me all giddy. Organizers and craft supplies…it’s like talking dirty to me! LOL!! I love the solutions. YOu are making huge progress! Yarn is always a hard one for me, especailly because I hate when wool gets that smell from being stored in plastic. I have recently settled on using an old cedar blanket chest, as it holds a tons and doubles for seating or as a coffee table. I got a 6ft folding table that I can set up over it when I need to cut fabric for sewing, but store in the basement the rest of the time. The wool smells lovely too!


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