OK. I did it

It seems that sometimes I need to be bullied to do things. Especially on line things.

I started blogging when MamaCate bullied me into it (and set me up a guest blog on her account).

And now I’ve joined Ravelry. Blame M-H.

These two are some of the nicest bullies on the planet.

And my Ravelry bio is competing for most crap bio ever.

I started searching for people I know and gave up when there were 163 Stephs and the one I wanted wasn’t on the first 2 pages.

I’m JoVE (still can’t believe that wasn’t taken. Thanks for saving it for me folks.) so if you are my friend from some other online thing, like this blog, go ahead and friend me and maybe I’ll even start hanging out over there.

Now, I’m off to have a beer and maybe talk to my pigs.


3 thoughts on “OK. I did it

  1. Yeah! Welcome to Ravelry! (not that I’m on there much these days, but I got your friend notification and back atcha!

    Knitting is good. I’m in the midst of crazy life changes like moving and going freelance, but I’ve got the sock project.



  2. Bullying? Moi? You must have confused me with the other M-H. 🙂 Welcome to Rav, and may you waste many happy hours there, updating your project progress by 5%, surfing the patterns nd projets and adding to your queue, photographing your stash and uploading the shots, not to mention the forums. And then there’s the shopping, which we won’t mention. Enjoy!


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