New tools

Despite the fact that I am not super keen on how I look in this photo (what’s with the double chin thing going on?), I’m going to post it anyway. Because it has my new tool in it:

JoVE & her new scythe

JoVE & her new scythe

I give you my scythe.

I’ve been figuring out how to make hay using the tools I have available. Which was mostly a pair of long handled garden shears (the kind you use for cutting the edges on your lawn if you hate weed whackers) and a lawn rake.

Now I have a scythe and a 3 prong pitch fork. Of course now it is raining every day so no hay will be made, though what I cut using the old method is drying in our big machine shed (which is very open and airy but doesn’t get rained in).

Mat has new tools, too.

Chainsaw & paraphenalia

Chainsaw & paraphenalia

That’s a chainsaw, steel-toed boots, Kevlar chaps, and (not in the photo) a hard hat with ear protection and a visor.

We have a wood-burning furnace and 15 acres of woods. And a lot of learning to do. As well as a lot of hard physical labour.


7 thoughts on “New tools

  1. We have scythes and love them. Fast and easy. We have a couple of older long handled ones, and some short handled ones too…

    Auction sales are a good place to get more if you’re ever in need.

    Enjoy the new tools!


    • Interesting. Takes a bit of getting used to. Or figuring out exactly how it cuts so you get the action right. But the twisting motion feels like a good thing. Blister on my hand though 😦


  2. It’s easy to figure that with all the haying and logging, you will have no need for the gym back in town! There is a product out there I used to use back in the athlete days that you can paint on your blisters so that they don’t rip open as easily on following days. Really popular with bowlers as well. It might help!


  3. That is a nice looking scythe baby!

    I love the word scythe–one of my favourite Blackadder vignettes is all about B trying to figure out how his italian captor is going to castrate him: “Oh, it’s a scythe!”


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