New additions

We have chickens:

chickens  Homeschooling/Canadian Organic Growers (COG) friends brought them as a housewarming gift. We cleaned out the hen house and spread some hay on the floor. We’ve been feeding them in one of our camping plates, which has a bit of an edge to it. And one of them laid an egg the first day she was here. On the floor. Hurray!

Today they got to hang out in the barnyard and had a great time. The cats are not at all sure about them.

We also have pigs:

pigs  They are living in the old dog pen with an indoor place to sleep. They seem to like it. There are clearly tasty things buried there. Things that are way more interesting that whatever we put in their trough. Which is fine with me.

They are about the size of a beagle. 3 months old. Large Black is the breed. Very cute.

They were out in the barnyard, too. They are very good diggers. I can’t wait to get them onto the field with the vegetable garden to dig up the areas we want to expand into.

11 thoughts on “New additions

  1. CHICKENS!!!

    So jealous of your chickens.
    Definitely going to come visit them one day soon. Me and the chickens are going to be best friends. And the pigs. I love the pigs too.

    This is so awesome and I’m so happy for you!

    Sarah xoxo

    ps. How was the home warming party? I hope it was awesome, and I’m really sad I couldn’t make it.


  2. I’m with Celia–more piggie pics!!! They look adorable even through the chain link. And the hens are such a gorgeous golden color.

    I really admire everything you’re doing…the homeschooling, the self-sufficient farming, the knitting. I’m actually pretty jealous! :o)


  3. I subconsciously started humming “green Acres” while catching up on your blog. (Farm living is the life for me…)
    How is Freya adjusting?


  4. Are the pigs for eating? If so, a commercial farmer would send them off when they hit around 250 lbs. We actually used a belt measure, which, although it was no more than a piece of nylon rope, proved pretty accurate most of the time.

    With our personal pigs, we let ’em go much bigger. Oh…. and are they little boys or little girls? The little boys will need to some surgery, if they haven’t had it already. Boar meat is … very strong. It tastes like rutting boar. :0


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