We’re in our new home!

I’ve been really really busy lately and haven’t had time to blog. Today, I’m really just checking in so you don’t think I’ve fallen off the edge of the earth or anything.

So last week was so complicated that I couldn’t even think about anything but what I had to do. That made it less stressful and everything did work out just fine.

I had a booth in the trade fair bit of a big academic conference.  It was 7.5 days. Standing up. OMG that it brutal. I can’t believe how tired I was just from standing all day. But other folks I know who’ve done trade fairs confirmed that I am not a wimp, it really is tiring. It took me a couple of days to work out which shoes were the most comfortable but once I got that figured out the aching feet (and hips and whatnot) were almost bearable.

It went well, I think. I met interesting people. And learned a lot that will help me deliver a better service to my clients. But it’ll take a couple of months to see if the financial benefit of doing it outweighs the cost.

Freya had rehearsals every day culminating in 4 performances of Great Expectations last weekend. She and I did a dry run of the trip to the performance venue (where most of the rehearsals took place, too) the week before. And we got her a cell phone. She did really well, getting herself there most days. Someone was always available to pick her up. Even I won’t require an 11 year old to take the bus alone after dark.

During the days she either helped her dad with packing, painting the new house, or gardening. A couple of days she played with friends. Thanks lots to the other moms in my little homeschool co-op. I think we owe a couple of people some good food.

Mat was in charge of the move and it all seems to have gone pretty smoothly. Freya and I stayed with friends Thursday and Friday night and we all came back to our new place after her last performance on Saturday.

The cats moved on Wednesday to avoid the movers packing and moving. They seem to be settling in well. We let them out on Sunday and left the door ajar so they could go back and forth.  They cautiously explored the gardens near the house and then I left them to get on with it. A bit later, Blitzen came in with a chipmunk in his mouth which he proceeded to drop. It was still alive and eager to get out of there. I used a tablecloth to catch it and take it to the door where it made it’s escape.

The downstairs is mostly unpacked and organized. We need an extra shelf for the armoire and have lost some of the shelf supports. It was originally purchased as a wardrobe for F. but will be used in the dining room for dishes, with table linens in the drawers. So some of the dishes are just stacked on top. We also need to put another coat of paint on some of the walls before setting up a bookshelf.

The men came today to connect the stove to our new propane tank. So we can now cook indoors. Mat was barbecuing in a rainstorm on Sunday.

The upstairs unpacking is being held up by an inability to locate the hardware needed to reassemble Freya’s bed. We want to use the loft bed which has been in pieces in the basement for a couple of years. The screws seem to have completely disappeared. And a few screws from her more recent bed seem to have gone missing, too. That one is from IKEA so Mat is going to drop in there today to get replacements.

We also need to get fittings for the inside of the wardrobes so that things can be unpacked properly. The new office, homeschool room, craft room is going to be a challenge. Right now I am working on a camping table. And a temporary bed has been set up for Freya in here. But we got the internet working this morning!

Freya has been busily working as my admin assistant today, entering contact information I collected on paper into the program I use for that sort of thing. She and Mat have gone into town to run some errands and go to choir practice.

The weather is all wrong. The sort of summer weather I left England to get away from. Though apparently England has some great weather. I’d like to trade back please! We had a fire in the woodstove today and everything.

I should stop complaining though. We are all happy to be here. F. got up and went for a bike ride the other morning and seems very excited to have so much outdoors to play in. Once we get unpacked and figure out a routine, I think it will be great. She’s already talking about setting up a desk in the hay loft for writing.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, I’ll get back to more regular blogging soon.


7 thoughts on “We’re in our new home!

  1. Glad you’ve made it safely. There must be a way to keep bed screws safe when you move, but I haven’t figured it out either. I often end up with them in my pocket. I think that professional people usually tape them to the underside of the bedframe, but that assumes oyu can find the tape!


  2. SO very much going on for you these days. It sounds as if you are all taking it in stride, and transitioning well . Enjoy the time to work through and set up. We all need that! I’m so thrilled for you all!!!


  3. Welcome home! And congratulations to F. on the play!

    By the way, greetings from the edge of the earth — I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, it seems. We just finished in the past 10 days with the 4H beef club achievement day and sale, provincial music festival, and the kids’ play (which husband was in too, singing “Oh What a Beautiful Morning”). And oodles of meetings, including library board to sort out a new librarian.

    Now we’re just settling in to summer, which like spring is much too cool and much too dry; we’ve had several frosty nights recently, and several yet to come (especially Sunday with the full moon). Lots of watering to do for our shelterbelt trees, and tidying last fall’s dried weeds around them.

    Enjoy the new house and farm!


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