Clutter clearing

It’s spring. And I’m sure a lot of us are tidying up a bit. Sara seems to be going through all her homeschooling supplies. And I bet she’s not alone.

I’m going to be using the short, violent clutter clearing method. We call this moving house.

Stage 1: There is NO WAY I’m moving that!

Stage 2: WTF did I pack and move that for?

Stage 3: This box has been sitting here unpacked for weeks. Should I just take it to the Sally Ann? Or put it out by the road with the garbage?

I don’t recommend this version for your regular clutter clearing no matter how bad it is.

First of all, it involves all kinds of messing around with real estate agents and banks. Which leads to more stress.

Secondly, I bet you love the house you are in. Or you would if it wasn’t full of so much junk and you could find the stuff that wasn’t junk easily.

Third, I bet I’ll still have loads of crap at the end of it. I’ll have some huge crisis about whether I can really throw it out and I’ll find a place for it. Even if that is at the back of my huge new machine shed.

One of my new online pals is actually an expert in GENTLE clutter clearing.

Lisa is a woman who calls her to-do list a list of wondrous possibilities (or something like that) and keeps in on a washing line over her desk.

Even her website has a nice uncluttered design.

A woman like this could probably help you lots. Without causing you stress.

Lisa is giving a 6 week course.

The Gentle Art of Clutter Clearing starts May 25th.

It’s only $65 US, which is a lot cheaper than my movers. I bet you don’t need a mortgage for that at all.

So you go sign up for Lisa’s course and have a nice calm process of decluttering your house. And I’ll use the violent method while also doing a booth at a conference and generally trying to get my new business model on the road.

And at the end of June we can compare notes. I bet I drink more beer. Cry more. Yell at my partner and child more. And maybe even break into the single malt whiskey.

It’s probably worth $65 just to avoid all of that.


5 thoughts on “Clutter clearing

  1. Your method sounds like mine. Nothing like a good cross-continent move (or two) to clear out the clutter. And yet I still am tripping over unpacked boxes full of stuff that I seem to be functioning perfectly well without(ie clutter).


  2. feel free to tell me to come get any crap that is mine, in fact any HS stuff that you don’t want may be useful here… I think he may be coming around…slowly. I am in the city this morning for appts. you around?


  3. I do the quick and dirty when I move–it works regardless of the pain.

    Now we’re in the gentle and somewhat thoughtful because we still feel like there’s too much stuff in the house. I tend to send stuff to goodwill, give to friends or toss. No selling, no ebay, just removing it from my physical and mental space.


  4. We moved 2 years ago and Andrea is at stage 2 and asked that very question today. She was recovering from surgery at the time so understandably there wasn’t a huge effort to filter.


  5. A friend of mine recently said that every five years she mentally convinces herself she is moving during her spring cleaning , in an effort to look at her stuff more objectively. You’ll do fine, but I still highly recomment beer and whiskey at the end of the day!


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