I’ve been spinning

Remember this BFL dyed with drink mix

Well, it now looks like this BFL sock yarn

240 yards of sock weight yarn. Blue Faced Leicester. Dyed with grape and cherry drink mix. Spindle spun and plied. It’s a 2 ply.

I also spun up some fibre I got from Blonde Chicken Boutique. It is mostly wool with a bit of angelina (for sparkle) and banana fibre (for frustation) thrown in.

Tara had warned me it wouldn’t want to spin fine. But I wanted it fine enough that a plied yarn looked good.

It took a while to get the rhythm but I am happy with the result, a chunky 2-ply yarn.


I can’t remember how much is there but I think a hat or scarf for Freya will be possible. Mitts are pointless out of anything that thick. Ironically, perhaps, you need thinner yarn to make good mitts. Worsted or DK weight knit at a firm guage is best.


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