Any photographers out there?

So. I’ve been working on my new business direction. My big marketing opportunity is a conference at the end of May: the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Congress 09

I am giving a presentation in the Career Corner series, “Managing Your Research Career”.

I’ve also booked a booth for the Book Fair.

Now I’m working on things to give to conference attendees. I’ve decided on a leaflet “From Conference Paper to Journal Article”. Useful content, relevant to most people, and fits on a leaflet sized thing.

I need visuals. Help!

A couple of people have read drafts and commented that the text is great. But one made a good point. It is text-heavy. Maybe a picture or a cartoon would break up the text.

I’ve found a cartoon I like, though I worry that the humour will not have widespread appeal (my lovely life-partner, who is an academic, didn’t get the joke though he did get the relevance). And that is making me nervous.  I’m also not sure I can really afford to pay the licensing fees on top of all the printing and booth registration this year.

I’ve been drawing a blank on a photograph. I found one that said “young English prof writing in bed and tearing her hair out in frustration” to me but when I sent it to a grad student friend he though it said “Philidelphia cream cheese”. I’m not sure why. Maybe he doesn’t know any good looking English profs.

In any case, most of the stock photos involve either beautiful people or suits, neither of which feel totally comfortable with my potential client base (not that some of them aren’t beautiful or even fashionable, though I think wearing a suit automatically disqualifies you as one of my Right People).

This morning, I had an idea.

How about a tasteful photograph of papers (like typed papers as you might present at a conference, maybe with editorial marks on them) and scholarly journals on a desk. Not my desk (too messy; and actually made of countertop) but a scholarly looking desk. I think black and white will work best.

Here’s where you come in

So I’m about to go searching all those sources, despite my fear that it will be in vain. But if anyone out there is a decent photographer (this is going to be a small picture) and has access to a decent desk, a scholarly paper (pref. without equations), and a journal or two (social sciences and humanities) and wants to take some shots, I would be eternally grateful. If you are in Ottawa, I could even round up the materials for a photoshoot.


5 thoughts on “Any photographers out there?

  1. I know the perfect desk, but I am car-less right now, so I can’t get to my friends house.

    I’ll scour the thrift store though, maybe I can put stuff together there and take a pic for you. Are you looking for a metal desk, wood, old, new? (The one I had in mind is a refurbished wooden cabinet desk.)

    What kind of paper are you looking for? Do you want an old looking book on the desk or newer? See my blog for some photos I’ve done, I think the Easter shoots are waaayyy down the page now!


  2. I second the vote for istock. It’s an awesome resource and I use it all the time for my website designs. And I like your idea of a desk with papers. I think that will get you just what you’re looking for. Good luck! And if you’d like to maniupulate the photo to include other graphics or something, I’m happy to help.


  3. I’ll try to photograph my work desk tomorrow (it’s bright and cheery and I can through some articles on it).

    I think it’s a good idea to go people-free on this for now.

    Though I confess I did get a visual of Jack Nicholson’s manuscript in The Shining in my head (but I would find that very funny if I was at Congress!)


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