photos of the knitting & spinning

I took these a week or so ago but delayed getting them off the camera because of Freya’s backlog of iCarly-like movies on there.

So both of these projects have advanced considerably since the photos were taken.

Briar Rose yarn for vest So this is the yarn for the vest. With a bit of the swatch. I tried to photograph this on the sofa but it is kind of camouflaged there. I now have both back and front done. Need to block (at least steam block), sew side seams and then make neck and armbands.

BFL dyed with drink mix This is the BFL that I dyed with drink mix a while ago (grape & cherry). All the singles are now spun up. I put a lot of twist in so I get a pretty tightly spun plied yarn when I’m done. Not sure there is much there (though maybe toddler socks?) Need to decide on 2 or 3 ply. Feeling like quantity is inadequate for sampling but maybe that is what I need to do.


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