at last a sensible position…

Madeleine Bunting on the “new atheist” debates. (In the Guardian.)

What many argue is that the New Atheist debate has ended up down an intellectual dead end; there are only so many times you can argue that religion is a load of baloney. … They see the New Atheists mirroring a particular strain of fundamentalist Christianity with no knowledge of the vast variety of other forms of religious faith. In common with their Christian opponents, they share “the inner glow of complete certainty” – as Wilson describes his atheist conversion.

My thoughts exactly. Bunting goes on to discuss a few thinkers who are offering more nuanced approaches to the issues. Interesting thoughts on the nature of belief. Worth a read. (HT: U of T press on Twitter)

4 thoughts on “at last a sensible position…

  1. This sounds very familiar to me, for some reason:

    “From a different perspective, Alain de Botton, the philosopher and writer, has also been trying to broaden the conversation. He has founded a School of Life in London, which runs courses and events reflecting on how to live. He describes himself as “definitely an atheist”, but readily admits he borrows plenty from religions. His team have instituted the idea of Sunday sermons, and organise contemporary “pilgrimages”. “Even if you’re an atheist, there are a huge number of insights in religion,” he says. “We’re in danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.””

    Those are not your lilacs, this year, are they? I only have buds…You’ve sucked me into seasonal blog changes, though. A change is always nice!


  2. Yep — I got into a comment debate a couple years ago with an evangelical/fundamentalist atheist. Fundamentalists of whatever stripe do *not* like being called on it and compared to the people they denigrate. But if the shoe fits…

    I like Bunting’s perspective. Must learn more about the apophatic notion of the divine!


  3. I prefer my I don’t have much to say atheism. It’s lazy, but really it’s like talking about fairies–they don’t exist so I don’t spend much time talking about them.


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