New haircut

Actually, I got the haircut last week. Today, I went for a colour.

Me, new hair

I took a few photos using PhotoBooth (I love my Mac). Draped a blanket over the room divider behind me so you don’t get distracted by my kitchen.

Kind of hard to see the colour. But I kind of like the quirky pensive look in this one. And taking photos with my reading glasses on (which totally coordinate with the new hair colour, btw) avoids the dark circles under the eyes problem. (Although they get worse when I’m tired they are there all the time.)

Me, no glasses (click there to see what I mean)


10 thoughts on “New haircut

  1. Very very Spring-y! I was hoping for the old picture to still be up so I could do a comparison!

    I’m overdue at this point for a haircut and a bit of coloring, I think later this month.

    I can’t even keep up with my favorite blogs so I’ve decided to pass on the Twittering. Maybe, as I did with CDs, I’ll catch on after about 10 years!


  2. Thanks for the nice thoughts about he circles but I usually do get a good night’s sleep. And it was Mat that had all the disturbed sleep when F. was a baby (there is a funny story… but there is also the 18 months of anti-depressants he was on). Not to mention I’ve always had them.


  3. I love the new cut and color! And, BTW..that fabulous vest! You are inspiring me to get pics up finally…I keep forgetting!


  4. I like the pensive look on you, too.

    OTOH, I can actually see the haircut on the other pic. That’s good too!

    Got a new job – a sad goodbye to my days of chilling and knitting. (Well, not too bad really – approx 20 hours per week!)


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