Random Wednesday

Well, spring seems to be coming rather early this year. Of course there was much less snow to get rid of than last year. But it still seems really early.

I absolutely loved Sarah‘s March needs… posts, especially the first one.  Although things are so bad here in Ottawa, I really liked this bit in particular:

March isn’t the beginning of spring.  It’s the end of winter, but  a long, drawn-out end that needs a stern editor to take it in hand.  All these “extreme windchill warning” plot devices are childish and should be deleted.

My snowdrops are out. This is not a sign of spring. They have the word “snow” in their name for a reason. But they are a sign that spring will be here soon. I’ll let you know when the crocuses are out. That’ll seal it.

I was going to post some photos of yarn and stuff that I took but when I went to download them from the camera it said it was importing 99 photos. I decided Tigger has to download all of that to here computer and then let me have the half dozen that are mine.

She’s been watching iCarly on YTV and on the internet. It is kind of cute. Especially if you are almost 12. And it has inspired her to make little movies. Which is why the camera has so much of her stuff on it. Grrrr. We’ll have to have a word about taking stuff off the camera regularly.

Of course the photos I took the other day are now out of date. I had intended to post a “my yarn is here” post with my lovely camo yarn (only camo on my aubergine coloured sofa but wonderful. And now I’ve got the back of the vest finished and have cast on the front and knit a few rows.

I’m also in the middle of Marge Piercy’s The Third Child which is excellent. Romance. Political intrigue. Coming of age. Women’s identity. If you don’t like Piercy you won’t like it but I do like her (though I have never read Woman on the Edge of Time).

Okay, back to whatever useful stuff I need to do.

7 thoughts on “Random Wednesday

  1. Yes, spring is here (calendar wise anyway) but we’re expecting 6 inches of snow tomorrow, so I like the ‘it’s the end of winter, but a long, drawn out end …’ We neeeddd the snow – blizzard away!


  2. The animals are all reminding me of the warmer days…robins are back, and the finches and rabbits are all building nests in the nooks and crannies of the yard.

    Love when our girls get focused on a new craze…movie making is great fun!


  3. Good on you for putting up with iCarly – all those tween shows drive me nutso just to listen to 😉

    As for March. Today it’s sunny and 56 degrees, tonight we’re expecting rain and then snow. *sigh* The calendar says it’s spring, but I’ll be happy when the weather decides to solidly follow suit.


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