and spin….

What with the lack of knitting yarn, I decided to pull out another project.

Several years ago I bought some Blue Faced Leicester fleece. Not a lot. But enough to give it a good try. Some white. Some brown.

Sometime before Christmas I decided to dye what is left of the white stuff (which I weighed and figured might be enough for socks). Drink  mix. Grape & Cherry. Then stripped and wound into little partly predrafted thingys.

I started spindle spinning it, mostly because I had spindle spun a hank of something lovely and hand-dyed that I got at Rhinebeck and I really enjoyed the process.

So, yesterday I dug out that bag and did some more. When I started, I wound two of spindles-full into centre pull balls for later plying before seeing an old receipt lying around and remembering something Ted had posted (a long time ago) about putting a strip of paper round the spindle before spinning so you could just pull the singles off and ply later. So I’d done that. The receipt is in the bag with the fleece and singles.  So I’m still doing that.

I’m making some progress. Though I wish I had an audio book or a DVD I wanted to watch. Somehow we get inundated with stuff Tigger has ordered and there are no girly movies for me to watch when I need them. Otherwise I love Zip.

The dye job is interesting. Seems to be more pink than I’d like but then there are also some lovely purples and burgundies. I’m hoping that when it is all spun up and plied, the pinks will be blended in more and the overall effect will be more purple-y.

I’m trying to spin it fine with lots of twist. Partly so it’ll wear well for socks. And partly because I’m still getting the hang of plying and I think part of the problem is that I don’t have enough twist in the singles so plying takes too much of it out. We’ll see. I’m thinking a 3 ply. But I might do a little sampling and see how thick the finished yarn would come out. I want socks, I think.

I’m not experienced enough to be able to spin exactly what I want, though, so I’m keeping an open mind.


One thought on “and spin….

  1. Enjoy the down time, for I do believe that once the thaw is complete…you will have little time inside for anything until the gardens are put in!


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