I should knit more

All this work work is taking over my days. I’m feeling unbalanced. And now that the website has launched, I should be able to get in a rhythm of doing a few hours a day to keep things going and then do other things.

But the only thing on the needles is a pair of socks for my dad. They are moving right along, not least due to a long and boring meeting earlier this week 🙂

And I wear that vest I knit a lot. I had even considered joining in on Vest-u-ary but didn’t get my act together.

So the other day I decided to look around in the Knitty archive and see if anything grabbed me

This vest looks like a good option. But then I needed DK weight yarn. I figure it might look good in a handpaint or semi-solid and I’ve wanted to try some Briar Rose yarn for a while… So I ordered a skein of Glory Days, described as “dark cranberry” colours. With all the difficulties of judging colour on a computer monitor, I decided that there was no interpretation of “dark cranberry” that i wouldn’t like. And it is BFL! One of my favourite fibres.

It’s in the mail. Which means I can’t knit with it yet.

I also found something that would look really cute on Tigger. She can wear a women’s extra small now so that opens up a lot of interesting possibilities. We like  Yosemite. And I think Elann has some cotton/hemp that would work in colours she loves. (She ooh’d at the orange but then saw that deep purple, so I think it might be purple.)

Haven’t ordered it yet. So can’t knit with it. (There seems to be a pattern here.) But should probably get on that. It does look like an interesting knit. And a cute top for spring, fall, and cooler summer days. (Mat has a hemp t-shirt and I know he finds it warmer than cotton.)

Maybe now that she can wear women’s sizes, I should go through the old Interweave Knits mags that are lying around. I’m pretty sure there are some cute summer camisoles in there…


5 thoughts on “I should knit more

  1. I made Yosemite with the cap sleeve. I’d caution against making a longer sleeve unless you shape the sleeve top. It’s picked up and knitted down, but the top isn’t shaped, which only works for a drop sleeve. You end up with a lot of fabric under the arms. You can see that in the photographs. It’s OK for a little cap sleeve, but it wouldn’t be very comfortable for a longer sleeve. It does look as if the long sleeve is shaped under that arms, but not the short one, but I can’t see the link to the sleeve pattern to check.


  2. Yes, you should! I, too, am finding that “all work and no play” makes me a dull, stressed girl. Can’t wait to see what you start!


  3. Hm… yes.. the work/play imbalance. I struggle with this, too, but find it to be a transient thing — coming and going and coming again.

    Take a breather. Carve out a block of time and commit to not letting work intrude on that time. Don’t even let yourself THINK about work.

    Repeat as needed.


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