The big reveal

Here’s what I’ve been up to… creating a website for my business.

I hired Andrea, our site admin here at but also half of Ron & Andrea, to do a lot of the work, host the domain and generally hold my hand through things like buying a domain and getting e-mail and stuff.

The hardest part was actually trying to figure out how to make my business scale up. Up to now, I’ve been crazy busy in May and September and doing no business at all most of the rest of the year. And that was mainly because of the kind of work I was doing. I knew I couldn’t just do more of the same.

I plan to keep some of that work, which I am hired by universities to do, and add in other things that individual social science and humanities researchers might hire me to do. And because it needs to scale, I also thought about things like e-books, and using telephone conferencing services instead of travelling to meet people in person, and that kind of thing.

Getting the standard advice that I repeat a lot into e-books and presentations seems like a good first step. It means I can help more people and people can get my help at a reasonable price. Then the one-on-one coaching can really focus on specifics, which means more bang for the buck on the more expensive services. Win-win.

I do feel a bit nervous announcing this here. Part of that is because I work with Canadian academics and I know that some of my products and services are specific to the Canadian context. But I’ve been a British academic, too. So I know that some are not so geographically specific. If you, or a friend of yours, is interested but you aren’t in Canada, I’m happy to answer questions before they buy. Basically, the grants page has some things specific to SSHRC (the Canadian government research granting agency for social sciences and humanities) but even some of the general advice on there is going to work for others. If in doubt, send an e-mail to info (at) jovanevery (dot) ca and ask.

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