Yoga is happening

Hey! sorry it’s been so long since I posted anything. Working on growing the business is taking a lot of brain space and time.

One thing I have done is sort-of established a yoga practice. I really like that DVD I bought — Paul Grilley’s Yin Yoga. (I got it from Havi at the Fluent Self and she provides some e-books to go with it and help you actually do it.) I love that it has lots of theory so I can understand why I’m doing what I’m doing (and figure out how to do it even though I’m never going to look like the super-bendy folks on the DVD). And I love that he talks about options in most of the poses.

So I’ve been trying that. Mostly the Infant Series. (He has 3 yin series on the DVD, and this is the least yin; which doesn’t make any sense if you haven’t watched the theory DVD.) I do it in the morning. And this series is kind of a good mix of “I know you aren’t really awake yet.” and actually doing things that will make you more awake by the end of it.

But, it’s 63 minutes. Kind of long. I have a sort-of intention to start getting up earlier so I have time to do that in the morning but given that it’s only a sort-of intention, I’m not actually doing anything about that other than actually getting up and doing yoga if I get up at 7 to pee instead of going back to bed.

So, on the days when I don’t get up until almost 8, I need something else. And one of my online buddies mentioned (in a reply to someone else’s question) that she finds Sun Salutations a great way to start the day. She even provided this cool link to funky orange stick figures doing them.  I printed them out and then used some tape and scissors to get that table of diagrams altogether and then copied it onto a single page. Which I put in the living room.

On days when I don’t have an hour, I do a few Sun Salutations instead. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. Whatever. Start slow, because I’m not really awake. And wake up as I go. I can’t touch the floor in those “head on knees” poses (Ha ha! my head is nowhere NEAR my knees) on the first few go rounds but later on I can. And it takes me two moves to get my foot forward from downward dog to that lunge (I just grab it with my hand and pull it into the right position; gently, of course). And I speed right through stick most of the time because my abs aren’t that strong (are anyone’s?).

And I try to focus on where I am feeling it and deepening the stretch and all that good stuff. And breathing deeply in a mindful way.

It seems to be working. The cat thinks I’m a bit nuts but who is she? Mostly I think she’s just mad because this increases the time between me getting up and me finishing my breakfast. I let her lick the yogurt out of my bowl when I’m done. She’s an addict. I think yogurt is an important part of her “I need to be fat to keep warm in the winter” plan. (Yes, she loses it all in May and June.)

Now, if I could get back to some sort of regular posting on this blog, you all might be happier. I’ll give it a shot.

8 thoughts on “Yoga is happening

  1. No yoga here…I tried it on FitTV for a while, but I wasn’t keeping up with it and now we canceled cable. Go you! However, I do have socks! koigu socks. Go peek: you’re one of my friends who would actually care.


  2. I am so glad that you shared this. The kids and I have all been talking about getting into yoga, for core strengthening and stretching. I was blessed to have a roommate for two years that was training to be an instructor, and never felt healthier! However, the cost of classes for three of us is exhorbitant, even at once a week! I will be placing an order !


  3. Yay, yoga! Yay, waking up! Stuff like that.

    I think this is all kinds of awesome.

    And I just wanted to add that when I work with Paul’s DVD (infant series is also my favorite), I often only do the first half.

    Like, I do up until right before he goes into what he calls snail pose and then I just do three minutes of resting or sitting to close the practice.

    Because yeah, who has an hour?! Seriously.

    I also like to do a few poses after work. My brother and my gentleman friend are also Paul-fans, so we’ll do a short practice together (twenty minutes of poses we like, with one pose that we don’t). 🙂

    Anyway, I think this is so, so, so great. The update is completely inspiring.


  4. Just to add, in case anyone else tries this, that snail pose is kind of impossible for me. And today I found an alternative. I just did a sitting forward bend. Bent my legs and everything because it isn’t supposed to be about the legs but about the upper spine. Worked a treat.


  5. Yay Jo! Once you get used to the yoga vocabulary, there are lots of free podcasts. I like the ones from Yoga Journal. (I started taking weekly yoga classes at my gym in 9/07 and a couple months ago they changed the class schedule, so I started looking for home options.) I like that the podcasts are about 20-30 min so I can do 1 or 2 and mix/match according to sleepiness / stiffness. (similarly, I discovered guided meditation podcasts from meditation oasis – I never thought I’d be into this stuff but my doctor literally ordered me to do it!)


  6. I like the stick figures! I’m in that sorta-intention space because I need to be up at 6 to get in an hour of exercise, so it doesn’t happen as often as I like. I did manage 30 minutes this morning and 45minutes of yoga at work.

    Good luck with it. Yoga is one of the few exercise things I really *love*–both my mind and body feel good when I’m done.


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