Regular readers here know that I have a chronic case of camnesia. Even when I do remember to put the camera in my purse/pocket (which I don’t very often), I then forget to take out.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t until I woke up this morning that I remembered that you all wanted pictures of the new place. But I completely forgot to take the camera when we went out there yesterday for the home inspection. So no photos, I’m afraid. And there were some very photogenic horses eating hay in the back field (though they aren’t staying).

The appraiser went out there yesterday, too, so we are just waiting on his verdict for a final word from the bank on financing. And the insurance company has its knickers in a twist about the wood furnace but my insurance broker is going to figure out what’s happening by tomorrow morning at the latest. At least I have a broker so if my current insurer won’t do it she can figure out who can and for how much.

The inspection went well. A few things need doing but they aren’t that expensive or urgent. There is a water line to the barn. None of the outbuildings are in urgent danger of falling over (though they list a bit). The house itself is pretty solid though there are odd things about it. And the current owners have agreed to have the septic pumped before closing.

So all is well. We’re thinking about paint colours. And just getting on with things.

3 thoughts on “Camnesia

  1. It’s all so very exciting! I’m highly jealous. 🙂
    I hope you blog alot about the move and changes and how you all adapt to the new lifestyle… So I can be more prepared when it’s my turn to make a move like that.


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