We’ve done it!

Today we had an offer accepted on a small farm. I’ve paid a deposit. There are a couple of conditions but I’m being positive.

It is not the house that is practically on J’s property but a different one about 7 km away. There is a house, a horse stable that holds about 3 horses, I think, and that we will convert to a sheep barn, a machine shed/hay storage, another shed that they used for dogs and we might use for chickens, space for a BIG vegetable garden, space for sheep to graze, and woods. The whole lot is just under 24 acres. It is almost equidistant between two towns that have a bunch of stuff like libraries, shops, cafรฉs, Fiddling sessions, theatre groups, etc.

We still haven’t decided what we’re doing with this house, and the bank doesn’t care so the two things are not dependent on each other. I obviously need to update my self-image which is that I’m crap with money. Clearly not since mortgage debt is about the only debt we have. We have savings. We have equity in the house that can be split if necessary. And our credit rating is obviously just fine, thank you. So, I’ll work on that. And maybe share some of my process since I still have no idea where most of the pennies go. I only keep track of the pounds. (so to speak)

And the timing feels more than a little bit crazy since I am also doing all kinds of new things to grow my business. May might just be a bit more nuts than I need it to be. But I’m sure we’ll cope.

J. is excited we are moving out there. Apparently she has a blog post in her head so now she can write it down ๐Ÿ™‚

And I think the decision to live near her helped us move this project along. We were already gardening together. And this means that there are other people to help with chickens and eventually sheep. You know, in case we want to go away for a weekend or something. And that we already have a bit of a community out there.

A new adventure. Definitely.

14 thoughts on “We’ve done it!

  1. I am SO beyond thrilled for you all! I know how much you have been wanting this lifestyle. THis is such a perfect situation, both location and community. WOnderful! My day is made, knowing a friend’s dream is coming to fruition! Pictures! I need pictures!


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