my needles are on fire

You know that project that I started on or around December 30th? Well, I have a back and a front and about 3″ of both sleeves. Sorry, I forgot to take photos while it was still daylight. Maybe I’ll add some tomorrow. This project goes quickly. There is something about a relatively simple repeat that just encourages you to knit that next row, and the next one, and …

I’m thinking about what’s next. There is a sweater in the time-out basket that I’ve been avoiding. (backstory here, and here, and here)  Looks like I started it 2 years ago. I had it finished but the sleeves were too long. After a while, I tried it on and the body wasn’t quite right either. I took back a bit at the shoulders, sewed them back on, and picked up around one armhole to knit the sleeve downwards. And then it has been so long that I don’t know what I was doing and the whole thing seems daunting and like it isn’t going to be the sweater I envisioned. Not only that but one skein was redder than the others and I decided to use it, alternating with a bluer skein, around  the waist area. And then it looked like I wasn’t going to need all the yarn I have so I could have just skipped it.

So as I knit this lovely denim-y blue sweater, I get in a kind of calm space. And I think “Why not rip that other one out and start again.” It’s been quite a while. It would be more like buying new yarn and starting a new project then fixing something gone wrong. And I could start from the beginning. The yarn is great. Koigu bouclé. But I think I overthought the design the last time. (It is interesting that I ordered the pattern for this blue sweater when I was planning what to do with that Koigu stuff.)

So my plan is to rip it out, reskein the yarn, wash it and let it dry to get the kinks out. Then knit a sweater bottom up using the Shapely Tank pattern to start because it fits sooooo well. I see in those old posts that this was also my original plan which got sidetracked somehow. When I get to the armholes I’m going to pause and start the sleeves and knit them to there, join it all and knit the top raglan style. Must decide on a neckline but I have a lot of knitting to do before that becomes crucial.

In any case, ripping and reskeining the yarn seems to be the right first move. Gets a half-finished not very satisfying sweater out of the basket and puts very nice yarn back in stash where I might be inspired to do something with it.

I’m also very tempted by Sarah’s Vest-uary.  The vest I knitted recently is getting a lot of wear. I’m wondering about doing something with some Silk Road Aran Tweed that I have in the stash (some of which I used for a modified Otis that was too short-waisted and now lives with J.).

I’m also thinking that though my red Manos sweater has got a lot of wear, I’m not wearing it much this year. In searching the links for the first part of this post, I notice that I was wearing it so much I was starting to get sick of it back in 2006, so maybe I have worn it enough. I’m thinking that ripping it out and reknitting something else might really get me my money’s worth from that yarn. It looks great with both pairs of cords (which I seem to live in in the winter). Maybe a vest in that would be a good option.

Much to ponder as I knit the sleeves of my denim-y blue thing. And I really should cast on some socks for my dad, whose birthday is at the end of February. My LYS seems to have stopped stocking Regia Silk (which he loves) but they have JaWool Silk instead. So I got a brown one. It’ll be stripey but subtle, I think.


One thought on “my needles are on fire

  1. I’m tempted by vest-uary as well. I have a tab with a bunch of free vest patterns open right now. Never mind that I’m not done with a pair of socks from knitty, or Bill’s interminably timed-out scarf, or that the charcoal vest I’d been planning for Will had better be for Graeme instead. Sigh. I need to start a local knitting group.


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