New directions

At this time of year many people are reflecting on where they’ve been and where they are going. Given my preference for the road over the destination, resolutions are clearly not my thing. And, to be frank*, I often feel a bit irked by the pressure to reflect at this time of year (as opposed to any other). But I think that perhaps I am at an interesting spot on the road and making some decisions that are taking me in some new directions. Not really turning a corner, but perhaps veering off a bit so that some new things are coming into view.

Sarah has a lovely format for her reflections: the Word of the Year. As I was thinking about her post, it occurred to me that my word of the year might be change. Or maybe growth.

I think I have already mentioned that I am taking steps to grow my business. That growth will probably still be quite slow but I am consciously going in a slightly different direction and trying some new things. I’ll keep you posted.

On the home front, I think we are going to make some kind of major move. The balance of reasons for and against living out of the city has shifted again and we are making more solid plans. In order to do that we need to either sell or rent this house. If possible, we would like that process to contribute to the overall expansion of sustainable living — growing food, gardening organically, cycling, walking, using public transit — so we are going to start by putting the word out through our own networks to those who might be interested in those things. If you live in Ottawa, know people who live in Ottawa, or know people who are moving to Ottawa, let them know. As a variation on Havi‘s personal ad approach to life issues, I’ve got a post about our place ready to go on Monday morning. So if you hang out anywhere that our new tenants might hang out, please link to that post or do whatever you can so that they can find us.

We’ve narrowed down where we are going to move to. I think I mentioned our annex garden. Well, that collaborative venture worked well and we want to live near J. so that we can continue to garden together, possibly expand the garden to both feed our families and sell produce, and even share in the care of farm animals. I think this might have been a major factor in making the whole thing work for Tigger because she and J’s boys have some kind of mutual appreciation society going on. We are exploring various possibilities for doing that and I think it is safe to say that at the very least we will rent a field from J. this summer and set up camp. I am hopeful (verging on confident) that we will have a more permanent solution before it is time to plant.

And that confidence is probably why I am ready to take the scary step of starting with finding someone for this place. Because that really feels like the sticky spot in the process and thus the thing that needs the most attention. So as scary as it is, that’s where we are starting. Monday morning. Prayers, positive thoughts, offerings to whichever deities you worship … all are welcome.

And maybe the potential for all that change/growth to be stressful means that I really should take that Mindfulness course that is being offered at my church by a woman that I really like. Because I think I can probably use all the hippy shit that is available.

*Just writing that I can hear an old friend saying “Well, hello, Frank, how are you?” or maybe “Oh, you wouldn’t want to be Frank. Not a very nice bloke.” Which reminds me that his new book is the Book of the Week on BBC radio next week. Give it a listen. (Available everywhere on the information superhighway.)

4 thoughts on “New directions

  1. Exciting changes! I am still feeling “city” but the rest of the family is itching for more space to grow stuff. But who will be driving everyone back to town for piano lessons and play rehearsal?! 🙂

    Sounds like you have good plans in mind. And I am all for mindfulness. I took a wonderful mindfulness course as I was finishing my PhD and was pregnant with Violet, and it has made a huge difference still.


  2. Gosh, I’ll gladly throw any ‘hippie shit’ good juju gestures I know your way. Love the sound of the food growing – I’m certainly enjoying our experiences in that area.


  3. It sounds like you are looking at making some big, and exciting changes this year… I hope things just fall into place for you. Our move from city to country has been very good for us. It has brought us closer as a family, and I like being able to grow so much of our food. Having the option of keeping more livestock, so we could be more self-sustaining if we needed to, is also good.

    I wish you lots of luck with your plans, you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers…


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