A recap of my week

Our celebrations started with a party on Saturday, December 20th. Our first time attending, this is the annual do of one of the more active members of our church (and of Integrity Canada, if you are familiar with Anglican politics), a man that I like very much. It was a great party. But, as I was drinking the fabulous Cosmopolitans that his roommate made, I was aware of a faint tickling in the back of my throat as if I were coming down with something.

Sure enough I awoke Sunday  morning with a definite feeling of coming down with something. That and a minor snowstorm made me decide to forego church and lie on the sofa. I did a lot of lying on the sofa this past week. (Better now, thanks.) I finished my vest which I then wore to several of the activities later in the week.

back-to-school vest  The Back-to-School Vest from Fitted Knits. It is a great pattern. (Errata for this book can be found here. There are a couple of errors in the pattern.) The wool is Manos de Uraguay that I bought at Rhinebeck in the fall. I thought it took all 6 skeins (and had ripped out my swatches to finish it) but I found a full skein today. That tells you all you need to know about the state of my living room. I knit it to the gauge suggested in the pattern which is tighter than the ball band gauge but worked fine. The vest looks very odd lying flat because the ribbed section pulls in so much but that makes it fit well. The top part is in a stitch pattern that doesn’t pull in but there are also darts to add width to the bust area. I am very pleased with it. And, as you can see, it goes well with my cords. I have 2 tops that are exactly the same colour so having the vest makes wearing those with the cords possible.

Monday evening we met my parents and my brother and his family for dinner at a country inn, the gift of my father. It was quite pleasant. I always dread that kind of occasion but no one said anything inappropriate and apart from running out of energy to hold my head up due to the something I had come down with (just a cold but energy sapping nevertheless) was a fine evening. We went to my brother’s place for a nightcap  before heading home. My first time in his house. It is very nicely decorated and welcoming. He was kind of quiet and formal but he did invite us over and, despite my weariness, I decided to accept that invitation as a gesture of friendliness. And his wife and kids were very cheerful and friendly.

Tuesday there must have been something but I forget what. More lying in the sofa, no doubt.

Wednesday my parents came over in the late afternoon and Mat cooked up a storm — lamb roast, pommes dauphinoise (which I think are the same as scalloped potatoes though he doesn’t skimp on the cream. He is English.), squash, rote kohl that I had preserved earlier in the fall (one of my dad’s favourite dishes; yes, I gave him a jar) and maybe something green though I can’t recall what. Broccoli? Mat’s dad’s fruit cake (also English) for dessert. Again, all went well. We talked about politics — the bailout, the transit strike, etc — and that worked remarkably well. I was too tired to stay up for the late church service so Mom and Dad took Tigger (who was serving), Mat went over to our friends’ place to babysit so they could all go (the advantage of having an atheist in the family), and  I stayed home and went to bed by about 10:30.

Christmas morning we had a quiet family thing involving pancakes and opening presents. Just after noon we picked up a friend from church and headed to our friends’ place for Christmas dinner, with Mat’s lemon tart and a selection of cookies in hand. Another very pleasant afternoon and evening though my friend had had a migraine for a week.

Somewhere in there we did this:

gannet jigsaw  A jigsaw that Mat’s parents had made from a photo they took on their trip to the Gaspésie in the fall. 520 pieces. A great photo and ideal for a jigsaw. Challenging but not frustrating.

Boxing Day we went out to a cottage other friends had rented for a week and went snowshoeing (with our new snowshoes, our present to each other) and hung around by the woodstove chatting, eating good food and generally enjoying the company.

And that was it for festivities. Since then Mat has been finishing the kitchen floor and is now onto the trim. He also has all the materials to finish insulating the basement. He’s feeling productive.

I’m knitting. And I dyed a white linen shirt that I haven’t worn in a couple of years so that I might wear it. It is a kind of denim-y blue and I think will work well with my other cords. Or even under that vest (which has some blue in it) with some jeans or something. And I plan to take down the decorations tomorrow because they have been bothering me ever since they went up. The living room looks even more cluttered than usual.

I will leave you with this:

pastel of Kendal  Another gift from Mat’s parents. It is a pastel of the view from their window in Kendal, Cumbria, done my his mom. I love it. Must get it framed and find a piece of wall to hang it on.

(All those photos will be bigger if you click on them, btw.)

3 thoughts on “A recap of my week

  1. It all sounds so wonderful, except for the bug! The vest is lovely, and I adore Mat’s parent’s gifts. So glad you were able to have some enjoyable family time…what a rare gift indeed!


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