Happy whatever you are celebrating

I’m getting sick of that last post but haven’t felt like writing another one. Came down with a cold Sunday morning and it is still lingering. Not enough energy to go to church tonight so am sitting alone at home. Pleasantly.

Both Monday evening dinner with parents and brother’s family AND this afternoon and evening with parents have gone well. No one said anything insulting though the way my brother was expecting his kids to act (and then all the “no”, “stop that”, etc. that resulted) kind of annoyed me a bit on Monday. But it was good. Much better than expected. Hurray.

Tigger was very pleased to see all of them and has been having a good time, too. And Mat cooked lots of good food, as usual, and did some baking and whatnot.

I have been lying on the sofa moaning and snoozing for several days. I did finish knitting a vest. Photos not taken yet but I love it and wore it to dinner Monday. Emily suggestion was a good one and I looked up Fitted Knits at the library and did that one. Just enough yarn. Had to rip the swatches to make it.

And Jaali is almost done. Just have to add a couple of repeats to the neckband, graft, and sew to the back neck. That’s it. I should so do that. Should also make those camel-coloured wool pants that I bought material for weeks ago. So I can wear them together. Won’t happen before tomorrow though. Again, photos will follow.

And knit a hat. For me. Basic. From some handspun lying around. Matches my mittens (which I posted about in the typepad days so the photos no longer exist on the blog).

Okay, that’s enough. going to bed (or maybe to lie in the bath). Have a great one whatever it is that you celebrate at this time of year.

4 thoughts on “Happy whatever you are celebrating

  1. I’ve finished the knitting of Jaali, now just to sew it up – much duller work for me! A good pattern overall, I thought, the little screw-ups were just that – little, and easy to catch.

    P’raps a bit of down-time from blogging and life is what you need just now? Glad the Fitted kNits suggestion went well. HC etc to Tigger and Mat – and you too, of course.

    We had a good day on a deserted beach after a long walk through bush; with friends and their friend. Fun, though odd way to spend the day!


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