The buyout…

Although I will NOT participate in union bashing as the US Republicans have done, I do agree that the Big 3 do not deserve a buy out. My partner forwarded something to me today that I thought really hit the nail on the head. (It is about bad business decisions, folks, not high wages.) No idea where it originated from or I’d credit them.


Click to make it bigger. The small print is worth it. I think Doc had the right idea. They are in hock to big oil. Let the oil companies bail them out.

Now lets focus on the kinds of things that really would get the economy moving again and create jobs. Like green technologies. Or, hey, maybe culture. Couldn’t we fund the arts? Wouldn’t that be a new and innovative idea? Or public transit? Or schools? Wow, what if we had well funded schools where the money was going on resources and teachers and teaching assistants instead of bureacrats who run testing and “accountability” regimes?

I can think of a lot of things we could do with $25billion. And none of them involve making cars.

3 thoughts on “The buyout…

  1. I agree with you completely! They’ve made poor decisions in many, many ways. For most companies, that means consequences. Why should the Big 3 be treated any differently?

    So… perhaps they’ll have to file for bankruptcy, and face re-organization, cut-backs and maybe even a take-over or two. So? That’s the cold hard facts of business life.

    Bankruptcy would allow them some relief from their debts and/or more agreeable terms for repayment. Cut-backs mean they’ll have to be more frugal and practise good fiscal sense (something new to them apparently). A take-over wouldn’t be the end of the world either. So another company takes over? They’ll still need skilled employees, so jobs will still be available.

    All in all, I simply can’t muster one iota of sympathy for the car companies. They’ve certainly showed no sympathy for their customers in all these years.

    What goes around comes around, eh?


  2. As my hub said, it’s hard to know who to root against in this situation. Yes, the Big 3 make terrible cars. They also employ a lot of people and as much as I don’t think they deserve a bailout, I find it odd that the GOP could see its way to bailing out (rich, mostly white) investment bankers but not (working class, often minority) auto workers, who are the ones who really stand to lose everything should the Big 3 fail. I wish our economy and educational system were agile enough to retrain those folks quickly for other careers, but I’m not seeing it.

    Jane Hamsher has a really interesting post about the history of racially motivated union-bashing in the American South:


  3. Tom and I were just noticing after our Christmas party Monday that one of our neighbors, a farmer who used to be a part-owner in the local Chrysler dealership, was driving a new Honda truck (it’s got inside storage under the open box in the box, a rather nifty idea). I said then that if someone like him is now buying a Japanese vehicle, then it *must* be over for Detroit…


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