I think winter might be here

Dec 08 snow

That’s the view from my kitchen window. Look at the hat on the bird feeder! And the snow all over the car šŸ˜¦

I shoveled the driveway twice yesterday. both times there was about 2″ of snow. My neighbour shoveled it last night with about the same amount of snow on it. (We have a shared drive.) This morning, it looks the same again. It isn’t actually snowing right now though.

And I’ve been practicing my winter driving. I’ve got that controlling the fishtailing as you go around corners thing licked. But we don’t have to go anywhere today and I think we might keep it that way.

The cats have almost become indoor cats. Except for their objection to using the litter tray. They hadn’t been out since yesterday morning and it still wasn’t used. They aren’t that keen on the snow but they have to pee somewhere.


8 thoughts on “I think winter might be here

  1. Ack, you’re giving me flashbacks to when I lived in Hull!

    I was JUST blogging about the balmy weather we’re having over here, but apparently it’s going to get cold this weekend. Cold meaning vaguely chilly to you, I think.


  2. Oh dear, you’re making me nervous about driving back home this weekend! I hear that it is about 45 degrees colder at home than it is where we are now.

    Funny how winter driving takes a little re-learning every year.

    Still — bring on the snow!!


  3. I’m ready to become an indoor cat myself at this point. We had some snow last weekend and in the past few days, and it does look very nice and Christmassy. But last night the temperature, which was around 0C on Thursday, took a dive and it’s around -28 now, at 1:30 in the afternoon. And it’s going to stick around too. Gah.


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