Meg and Becky have both seen fit to award me with this:

butterfly award

And others have mentioned this blog in lists of influences or blogs they like or related. Thanks to everyone. I’m glad that what I’m talking about here is interesting (and even helpful) to you.

I’m not great at these chain-letter type things but maybe I’ll list a few folks who I particularly like to read. Not exhaustive but worth checking out. Avoiding those who tagged me, of course.

Rosie at Dragons in the Flowerbed has some very insightful ideas and is way calmer than I am despite having more and younger children in her house.

Mom of Monkeys thinks she never does anything with her kids but her blog proves otherwise. She deals with some difficult stuff really well.

Andrea and Ron are a great inspiration and all round nice people. Ron hasn’t had much to say lately (bar the occasional insightful comment in mine and others’ blogs) but it seems he’s been working behind the scenes and will be back at it soon. I hope so. Here’s some encouragement.

Because my blog roll has a split personality, I suppose I should list a few of the knitting blogs, too.

Feral Knitter Janine has both inspired my knitting and given me a few helpful cheers when I started this homeschooling thing. Her daughter is now independent, something we all aim for. Her knitting and approach to colour is well worth taking a look at.

Knitterguy Ted has also been a great support and inspiration as I made forays into lace knitting and spinning.

Okay, I’m done. If I list any more, I’ll start to feel bad about those I left out. I’m already uncomfortable about whether this particular award is suitable for the people I’ve listed and what they’ll think and all kinds of nonsense that no one intended when they gave it to me. Play if you want.


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