Done: Table runner

Remember my little fit of embroidery? Well, it turns out the hard part is actually putting a backing on it. But I’m done.

finished table runner  As always, click for a bigger picture. I also took an overhead view for those who might want to see that

My mitred corners are less than perfect, but I am pretty impressed with how perfect that backing fabric is. I did take the embroidery with me when I went to the shop but I only rifled through the remnants bin so the choice was limited. It looks really nice and I think my mom will love it. Her table is teak and she is likely to put a white tablecloth under it (or maybe a sagey green one) if she was using it when she has guests for dinner. I think it will look even better against those kinds of colours. Maybe she can set a serving dish over one of the less perfect corners.

Oh, and this project inspired both Tigger and I to do more embroidery. Doodle Stitching arrived yesterday and we both love it. And I’ve got some patterns from Sublime Stitching on the way.


8 thoughts on “Done: Table runner

  1. That came out great! I keep looking at Doodle Stitching and drooling, and I just got a kids’ embroidery book out of the library. I’ve got two embroidery projects to do before the holidays, and two quilts to make. Heh. Right.


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