Inspiring colour

You are going to have to imagine this because I didn’t go and get the camera. I’m not at all sure I’m even a good enough photographer to do this justice. So close your eyes and … Oh yeah, you have to read. Well, whatever, but imagine.

Last night Tigger ended up swapping beds with her dad so she was in with me. Her alarm still went off at 7 and she did get up and fetch the laptop so she could write for a bit. I was not really interested in getting up or even really being awake but I told her she could pull back one side of the curtain for light. I find daylight much less disruptive than a bedside lamp.

So I’m lying there half awake looking out the window and I notice the top of our neighbour’s now bare tree against the sky. It was clear this morning but at this time of year even clear sky is quite grey, particularly first thing. And the branches were a lovely brown, kind of cinnamon coloured in places where the sun hit them. And as I looked at various points over about a half-hour period, the sky got a bit bluer (though still that sort of washed out blue of winter). The juxtaposition of those browns against that grey to blue-grey sky was amazing.

I found myself thinking of Steph’s scarf and how cool it would be to have one yarn of long sections of colour varying from the grey to blue-grey and another of the browns and knit a stripey scarf like that. But I don’t think yarns like that exist. So occasionally through the day I’ve just been thinking about those colours. I might try finding one of the grey-blue and one of the brown and doing a shadow box scarf… Hmm, maybe I could do a seaman’s scarf with the rib section striped and the tails in the shadow box…. Hmmmm….

I do worry that those of you living much further south than I do will not know what I mean by this winter sky colour. I’m not sure if your sky is the same colour at all. Which also makes me think that maybe Becky‘s sky is different again, as she is much further north than I. But I was quite inspired by those colours even though it is all quite vague still.

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