My kid loves me

Tigger (who is now calling herself Dreamer, but I’m trying not to confuse my peeps) has nominated me for an award.


I know others have also put me on their lists for this kind of thing, too. I am honoured that so many people (not just my kid) enjoy what I write here. The biggest problem with this whole blogging thing is that I end up with more friends who live far away and that I don’t get to see in person often enough (or at all).

I tend not to play the meme game (and many of you have noticed the button in the sidebar and not tagged me). But I love that you come by. I am grateful that I am on your list.

In my blogroll there are a couple of links that take you to fuller lists of the blogs I read. I’m not sure they are completely up to date, but those lists are well worth trawling through if you are looking for something interesting to read.

Oh, and Tigger actually has two blogs. I like this one better.


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