Inspire me…

So that stitching project went pretty fast. And it was fun. I’m thinking I could whip up a few things as Christmas gifts. But I need ideas.

I’m as happy as the next gal to futz around on the internet all day and not get anything done. But mostly I’m trying to curb that impulse. Any great sources of embroidery patterns? Book recommendations? Just good ideas?

I don’t want to spend a lot of time designing stuff from scratch. And nothing on Sublime Stitching is doing anything for me.  I’d like simple-ish. And I’m thinking about things like pillowcases, maybe tablecloths and napkins. But I’d also like ideas for stuff you can embroider that won’t be too fussy (embroidered tea-towels seem a step too far to me, bath towels are way beyond the pale) and make good gifts.

I don’t need projects for the non-crafty or sewing for people who can’t sew. I have skills. I have a book of embroidery stitches around here somewhere and I learn well from books. I just need ideas for patterns and projects.



3 thoughts on “Inspire me…

  1. I saw a very beautiful angel once, done in red, with pearl type beads in the dress and wings, and goldish thread for her hair. It was very pretty, but probably more elaborate than what you are looking for.


  2. My friend Jen makes me the most awesome ornaments every year. Our whole tree is practically embroidered or cross stitched. I’m not sure where she gets the patterns from but I’ll ask.


  3. OK, my favorite things to embroider:

    lavender sachets (or any other nice smelly stuffer) for drawers, pillowcases, placemats (you have to sew the mat together after you do the embroidery), napkins, headbands (have to sew it up after embroidery), pockets for totes, throw pillows, hand towels, and extra flair on T shirts.

    It’s also fun to make small felt tree ornaments, and quilted hot pads are always useful for people to receive.


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