Knitting progress stalled — & FIXED!

Darn. I’m making good progress on Jaali and I’ve hit a snag. The cable around the neckline is supposed to look a bit like the cable around the bottom, but mine isn’t coming out like that. There is a jump in row 5 of Chart C where everything just moves over 2 stitches without a twist meaning that instead of a nice smooth line of knits with a nice smooth block of purls either side, you have a jag in the line of knits. If I grab that photo of the site, import it into iPhoto and magnify it, that isn’t what it does in the model. But mine does and the chart does and I can’t work out why.

No errata listed on the site. Is anyone else knitting this and got to the neckline yet? I know Emily is but I’m betting she isn’t this far along yet since she was knitting that fifififififi thing (lovely) and she had visitors and and and…  Any ideas? Remember, I’m not on Ravelry and I’m not joining just to search around for a solution to this. I’d rather spend the time reworking the chart. But I thought I’d ask first.

Here are a couple of photos that might let you see what I mean.


This is the neckline. Can  you see the break in the line between the body and the neck detail? It comes out from under that last twist and then just shifts over.

Here is the hem for comparison:


UPDATED: In the time it took me to write that post, the designer (who just happens to be the technical editor and thus receives the “errata” e-mails) e-mailed me. There is indeed an error in the pattern. Chart C should be the mirror image of Chart E which means that there should be a twist at the end of row 5 (holding the two knit stitches in front, purl the next two stitches, knit two from the cable needle). I’m going to go rip back a few rows and fix it and then keep on going…


2 thoughts on “Knitting progress stalled — & FIXED!

  1. hey, thanks for being ahead of me!

    I’m knitting the front and back at the same time – not in the round, but on the same circular needle – and am just at the waist, so I won’t be getting to the neck for a little while yet. I’m planning to take it to the UK (did I say? Another quick trip to Nottingham this time) to bash on with.

    Yours looks beautiful, loving that purple!


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