UPDATED post-Rhinebeck productivity

Now with photos.

I bought 2 oz of merino-tencell roving at Rhinebeck last Saturday (scroll down that linked page; I can’t identify the colourway I bought, sorry). Hand-painted in pink, orange and purple. I started spinning it later that afternoon, with my spindle, while waiting for my friends to be finished shopping or whatever they were doing. I finished spinning it yesterday and plied it into a really nice 3-ply. I’d stripped it lengthwise so mostly the colours matched with some heathery sections. It came out to just under 100 yards of about DK to worsted weight.

Today, I knit a baby hat with Kate Gilbert’s Shining Star pattern (which I just love). There were leftovers so I did a little scarf to go with it. I’m thinking that babies born in December might need scarves as well as hats. It looks great. I’m too lazy to take a photo right now and I should really wash both.  I’ve now washed both and taken some photos.

baby hat & scarf  The weather is rotten and the photo was taken in artificial light near a window but I think the colours are pretty true. The star on the top of the hat is well photographed in the link to the pattern above.

I am kind of amazed that I’ve gone from fluff to FO in one week. The yarn is really soft. The tencel seems to give it a sheen. I am regretting not having purchased more. But then I have quite a bit of plain white Blue-Faced Leicester in the other room (purchased several years ago) and a good selection of Kool-Aid…


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