more hippy shit

So, maybe to counteract the swearing, I thought I’d let you know that Havi has a little promotion going on about yoga.

Like I said in the Procrastination post, I’ve tried yoga before. Not only in the ante-natal class but even at a local yoga place. And when I’m doing it, I like it. But getting there has been an issue for me. Mat and Tigger have been going to a place close to home and liking it. But I’m already paying for a couple of fitness classes and that just seems like too many commitments out of the house and too much money.

And then Havi comes up with her little promotion. She’s found a good yoga DVD (which is great, because I can’t even be bothered to look at the covers of those things, much less come up with one that would be worthwhile) and put together a couple of little booklets to help get from having the DVD in the house to actually putting in the DVD player and doing some yoga. If that stuff is anything like her Procrastination stuff, it’s probably worth it.

I have thought that maybe doing some yoga with Tigger would be a good thing to add to our routine (such as it is). I even e-mailed Rose once to ask about the program she uses but she said it was really for little kids and a kid Tigger’s age might find it too little-kid-ish. (If you have little kids, though, she uses Angel Bear and likes it.) I wish our dollar wasn’t tanking so very badly today (or the US dollar wasn’t recovering so well, or whatever is causing the difference in value) because that is making my buying decisions harder.

But if you have been thinking about this, then you might want to hop on over to Havi’s and see what she’s got.* Compared to actually signing up at a yoga place, the price is pretty good. You don’t get a lot of sessions for $66. And then there is the gas and the hassle. And she tells you why she thinks this is a good DVD, so you can tell if her criteria match yours. (That one about options suited to your anatomy seemed like a good one.) The promotion lasts until November 3rd (when she goes to bed; on the west coast) or she runs out. She’s got 54 copies. I have no idea how popular it will be. I guess if it sells fast she might do it again some time in a totally random way.

*If you buy with the link, I get a bit of a kickback, which would help with the old exchange rate.


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