Off to Rhinebeck

My friend J. will be here in a little while. She’s leaving her car with Mat and we’re taking mine for the trip. Drop Tigger at a friend’s, pick up our other travelling companion and we’re hitting the road.

The New York Sheep and Wool Festival is now quite a bit annual event drawing knitters, spinners, and related folk from all over the east coast. We went 3 years ago and had a blast. I’m going to meet up with all kinds of people like Elsie, maybe Queen Bee (if she’s feeling better), Ted, Mel, Juno, and who knows who else. And on the way home, we’re stopping for an early supper with Rose and Saille.

And I might buy wool. Who knows. I’ve got knitting for the journey and a spindle in case I need to sample any fleece.

6 thoughts on “Off to Rhinebeck

  1. I, too, I’m pretty sure, am south of the Mason-Dixon (no idea what it is, but I’m in Sydney Australia, so it’s likely I am south of most places!)

    Hope you have fun – enjoy anything you buy!


  2. have an absolute blast! I wish I was there with you all. I am relieved that I chose to stay home though, with the dropping night time temps. Cabin camping would not have been feasible with a cold right now!


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