Lions, and cheetahs… nostalgia

While looking for something else, I discovered the BBC Big Cat pages. The internet sure has changed things though the live webcams and the video streaming of the TV program is not available outside the UK. What a shame.

When Tigger was little, we used to watch Big Cat Diary on Sunday evenings while we had our dinner. It is such an amazing program, following specific lions, cheetahs, and leopards in the Masai Mara. Some of the same presenters are still with the program and as I watched an episode of Big Cat Raw on the website, one of the questions was about a leopard (Shadow) I remembered from that time. (I moved to Canada in January 2003 so that gives you a sense of when.) I notice that they now have a Masai presenter as well as the English ones.

Tigger used to be fascinated by this program right along with us. Sometimes if I thought about it, I wondered about watching a program that showed lions hunting and mating to a 3-year old vegetarian but she never seemed to be disturbed by it. In fact, after we had moved here (so she must have been about 6), I remember being in the video store considering renting Two Brothers. It was rated PG but from the blurb, I thought she’d like it. I was explaining to her that it was rated PG for violence but it looked like maybe the violence was tiger violence. She looked at me funny and said something like “But Mummy, tiger violence isn’t real violence. They can’t be vegetarians like people can.”

Anyway, even without the main program and the live webcams the Big Cat site looks like it has some interesting things to explore. I might have to check out more of the site with Tigger. I’m not sure whether she remembers the program or not. The extra features and links are also interesting and include maps and related radio programs. If anyone is studying African animals, this would be a great resource.


2 thoughts on “Lions, and cheetahs… nostalgia

  1. That site sounds SO cool.

    I am sorry I haven’t responded to your e-mail yet. To tell the truth, I am really floundering with Biology at this point, so I have no idea what to recommend. I agree that the Usborne books tend to be excellent. I really like prepared slides, because they reduce the possibility of mucking things up. 🙂 But I question how much re-use they’re actually going to get. (“I’ve already seen that one.”) I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of something more helpful to pass along, but so far I haven’t come up with anything.


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