Another Canadian science supplier

Tigger is currently doing a cell biology/microscopy course. That prompted her to get out the microscope her grandmother had picked up for her free or cheap somewhere. She checked it out and thinks it is good for her purposes but we need some slides and cover slips and things. So I suggested that she ask her science teacher where he gets his stuff.

She came home with a borrowed copy of his catalogue from ProlabScientific and advice that it is better to phone them than order online. I note that slides and coverslips are in their back-to-school sale flyer. Hurray. (I also noted that they have a battery operated acceleration timer in the $40 range which is much cheaper than what I’d seen before, when we get back to thinking about physics.) There offices are right here in Ottawa. I’m not sure if that will make a difference on shipping (or mean I have a pick-up option).

For all you people teaching biology: any recommendations on which prepared slides we should order? Tigger would like some.  I don’t want to spend lots and lots of money but I’m happy to get some if they will be of ongoing use. Any ideas?

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