Shopping bags…

I dragged that box of stuff up from the basement and spread the contents all over the floor …


As you can see there are big chunks of canvas screenprinted in purple and green (also purple and pink) and several batik things. Still in that Rubbermaid bin is some really nice fabric I saw in Italy many many years ago (pre-Tigger, who is now 11) and just had to have some of even though I have no idea what to do with it, and a clean wool blanket with a few mouse holes in it that I thought could be used to make a jacket or something, possibly dyed. Not on the list for today.

Today, I actually cut up a bunch of that screen printed canvas and made some bags. They have no handles. I think I need to go buy some handle stuff like the handles on the other canvas bags that are around here. There is leftover plain canvas but it is pretty stiff and sewing a tube and turning it might be kind of a PITA. You never know, so could shopping for some stuff to make handles with.

bag-1.jpg  There is the first one, sitting by the sewing machine. The second one is the same except that the side panels are plain white canvas because I didn’t have enough of the screen printed part for all 5 sides. Why I thought it was more important for the bottom to be printed than the sides, I cannot explain. It made sense at the time.

Tomorrow I will tackle the pink and purples stuff (which has circles instead of hexagons) and make a couple more. And decide what to do about handles. And then I might throw out some of the other stuff and maybe decide which stuff is worth doing something with. I do like some of it, but some of the batik things are creative experiments that didn’t work. There is no good reason for me to have them 12 years on, much less having moved them across the ocean in a shipping container.


2 thoughts on “Shopping bags…

  1. Very cute bags. It is always great to finally get some of those UFO’s finished!

    In the future, you can make your own handles with more of the plain canvas. Cut two pieces long enough to be sewn from the bottom seam up the length of hte bag on the left, looping a comfortable arm hole and down the length on the right (about 4-5ft). Make it about six inches wide, then fold L over R, and stitch up each side. Attach one to the front and back panels as described (before assembly, so the ends get covered when the bottom seam is sewn). These are quite strong.


  2. I love the bags. Did you screenprint the canvas yourself?

    I always just buy webbing at the fabric store for my bag handles – it’s more comfortable to carry and so much easier! And it’s not expensive or anything.


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