Futile knitting

When I went to pick up the rest of the purple wool the other day, I got distracted by a new shipment of Fleece Artist yarns. I’ve admired their Celtic vest for a while but there was never a colourway that I liked. This time they had a really nice on with a deep burgundy, turquoisey blue, yellow and orange. (Which I can’t see on their website. And they don’t put colour names on the skeins because there is so much variation.) I thought it would look great with my burgundy cords. So I snatched it up. Only later did I discover that there was only enough yarn for the small size. I am not a small size.

Throw into this mix that  for the past few days I have felt like crap. I’ve had a cold and that has mostly meant that I have had no energy, shivers, and have needed to just lie on the sofa for long stretches of the day. Reading tired my eyes out pretty quickly. So knitting something on 7mm needles with a stitch pattern that was a little bit interesting but not complicated seemed like a good idea. In this enfeebled mental state, I decided to just cast on and go and see what happened.

Well, the obvious happened. I knit the back and about half of one front and realized that I wasn’t going to have enough yarn for a large vest. Still living in hope, I got out a damp cloth and my steam iron and blocked what I’d done. Nope. There was nowhere to make any yarn savings. On top of that, this is a short vest and I really could do with making it longer. So I’ve ripped it out and am in the process of skeining it up on the niddy-noddy to spritz and let dry to get rid of the kinks.

My options are: (1) buy another skein and knit the large size with more length. This pattern is knit from 2 balls alternating so even getting a coordinating colourway would work just fine. But it’s $40 a skein and I’m not sure I want and $80 vest. (2) knit something else with the yarn, like a stole or a poncho-type thing. The stitch pattern is really nice, flatters the multi-coloured yarn, and is quite squooshy. I think if I knit a bit rectangle and then attach one short end to the opposite end of the long side it could work. I’d have something to wear with my cords to keep warm and my hands would still be free (a stole would mean forever adjusting it).

I think I’ll probably go for option 2, not least because I don’t want to go back to the yarn store. And I really should knit some more of Jaali. Speaking of which, I have started. It starts with a cable and hem that you knit and then pick up stitches along the side of. So I only have 17 stitches on the needles. I’ve done about 4 or 5 of the cables. Now that this cold seems to have moved into its end phase (more stuffy but also more energy) maybe I can cope with the little needles again. But first I must finish untangling and reskeining my Fleece Artist…

Oh, and I might look for something suitable at Rhinebeck to knit the darn vest in.


4 thoughts on “Futile knitting

  1. Are you on ravelry? You could see if anyone has knit anything with that colorway, then email as see if they have remnants. I have leftovers of FA Mo from the Burgundy colorway. I would love to help finish someone’s project. I’m sure there are others who feel the same way.


  2. I hope you’re feeling better!

    I have a dumb question as I am an utter non-crafts person who still believes I should be able to fix simple things. I have a favorite old cotton cardigan whose cuffs are unraveling. Can I sew a new piece of cloth over each cuff to make a clean new look? I was thinking chenille or velvet, because I have big scraps of both.


  3. Do take care to get better dear! The frugal part of me would lean toward option #2, simply because I wouldn’t wear a vest enough to justify $80. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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