Busy… with ideas

The work that I get paid to do comes in seasonal waves. This is one of those seasons. It is like a little mini hurricane of e-mail has hit me and I need to organize it and do things with it and get my comments back to these people asap. I love my job but this very predictable hurricane season always catches me a bit by surprise.

And amongst all of that business, I had a minor panic and asked some friends for some help/moral support on a pricing question. And Andrea pointed me to a couple of great blogs about small business. That, of course, led to some high quality procrastination and a few other blogs. So I’m now trying to put off thinking about how to grow this business in new directions (that might be less seasonal, or fill up the current non-business season, or something) and just do the work I have on my desk right now. One of those things I need to not do right now is think too hard about the fact that I have no web presence for the business.

But down one of those rabbit trails was some good advice about productivity and planning your day. Even without turning it into a planner and writing things out (though I bet I know someone who would love that; someone who has recently moved their blog and I’m not sure if I should link to the new one or not) I have been able to put it into practice a bit. And today I got more done! Hurray!

Tigger is keeping herself busy in the background and being understanding. She knows it is only a couple of weeks and this year her dad is home and available. And there will be new knitting projects because a great and long time friend who I should be better at keeping in touch with is expecting a baby in December. I need to knit a shawl for his wife (because the mama does all the work and gets no presents) and something for the baby (that blanket in Knitty looks ideal).  But not today.


6 thoughts on “Busy… with ideas

  1. I’m glad that’s helped, Jove. I really dug in hard last week and did the same thing, with the consequence that I got a lot more done without fighting it. This week has been a different struggle, but that’s life, no?

    Thanks so much for the links, too!


  2. Right you are…loving that site! Oh, I’m not getting anal about new location. I just don’t want it to be so easy for non-blogger trouble maker types! Link away!


  3. High Quality Procrastination is one of my fortes.

    And the heat map thing is so very true – the bit about only being able to move it upward a bit from the level i’m naturally at at any time. True, true, true!


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