Blitzen missed me

I was away for just over 24 hours. Blitzen had been asleep on the bed almost all day and was a bit peeved that I didn’t let him out when he woke up late in the afternoon but I’m pretty sure he’d rather be around to be fed than be outside. And it was threatening a thunderstorm. I couldn’t find Donner but I knew she’d come back for breakfast at least (she’s a very outdoor cat in the summer). So I left a message for my lodger and went off to the retreat.

When I got back last night (about 7:30), they were both in the kitchen waiting for me. They went out right away. Blitzen came back in later (he meows by the back door or stands on the patio table in view of the kitchen window to get my attention). He slept with me and was very affectionate last night. This morning he had some breakfast and went outside. (Donner came back from breakfast, too, but she’s gone off wherever she goes again.) A little while ago I heard a little meow. I looked by the back door and couldn’t see him so I came back to my computer. I heard it again. I went to the back door, couldn’t see him but stepped outside. He was lying there in the driveway (the garbage can was in the line of sight from the door) and wanted me to come over. I went and he had a dead chipmumk near him. I almost took a picture but thought there would be more people who would be horrified than anything else so changed my mind.

I think he intended it as a present. I acted suitably proud. I stroked him and chattered a bit. Then I went inside. A little while later he meowed again. The chipmunk appeared to be gone. I let him in and he asked for food (he goes to the door of the cupboard the bag of food is in; I told him he should just eat the chipmunk but I guess he likes kibble better, wierd cat). When I let him back out I noticed the chipmunk was across the driveway. I got some newspaper and wrapped it up and threw it out. I hope he isn’t offended but I know my neighbour is upset by the cats killing small rodents and birds and stuff.

Hopefully that’s all the welcome I get. I’m not keen on gifts of small rodents. I accept that it is in the nature of cats to kill (and even torture) things. I would MUCH prefer them to eat them afterwards. And they are not killing things that are in any danger of extinction. In fact, the chipmunk, mouse and starling population could probably use a bit of natural control. But I don’t really have a use right now for dead rodents. I suppose when we get into biology labs requiring dissection my tune will change. I do find myself looking at the poor dead chipmunk and thinking that I could just bring him in and open him up … Homeschooling literally changes how you look at thing.

(And yes, in case you were wondering, Blitzen is the 3-legged cat. As my vet said, someone obviously forgot to tell him he was missing a leg.)


3 thoughts on “Blitzen missed me

  1. Ah, it is true love when they bring us our kill. We had a cat once that would bring us precious bunnies, after he had eaten the eyes. I would almost cry in horror and my DH would have to dispose of the bunny. I loved that cat, she was the sweetest thing, but I didn’t like the kill. ugh


  2. That’s absolute devotion! My golden retriever seems to have some feline tendencies, for she is repeatedly doing the same. Last week, she brought in a toad…
    I think I have to check start preparing for spontaneous dissections soon!


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