things are turning around

The fridge guy got here before 2. The fan was gone. It blows cold air from the freezer (where the compressor is) down to the fridge. At first he thought that might be expensive but the part was less than $30. Of course it wasn’t in his truck but he got it and came back half an hour later and fixed it. While the freezer was empty I gave it a much needed wipe down.

I took the peaches back and they apologized, game me some money back and one basket. They would have just replaced them with fresh baskets but I don’t have time to can them and I think we probably have enough. Apparently they hadn’t had time to check them yesterday until late and discovered teh problem. They remade good baskets and yelled at their supplier. All good.

And I’m not needed to drive anyone to the retreat as long as I can get myself there. So now I can stop stressing and leave when I’m ready. I have a couple of books packed. I need to find some more knitting. Emergency supplies in case what I most feel like doing is relaxing by myself rather than doing any of the workshops. Optional sessions I’ll definitely opt into include the wine and cheese reception this evening. Sometimes there are advantages to being Anglican ๐Ÿ™‚

While buddy was messing with the fridge, I decided to wipe the results of a bit of canning off the top of my stove. It looks much better. The floor is still sticky but I’ll fix that when I get back. I also started cutting the lawn/hay today. My front lawn has not been mowed all summer (on purpose) and now it is all falling over and going a bit golden. So I got the shears and started working on it. Slow going but quite satisfying. I bet my picky neighbours are pleased, too (though they aren’t so picky as to have ever said anything or phoned the council or anything; I don’t live in deepest darkest suburbia or anything).

Now,ย  I need to see if I can find Donner or at least warn one of my neighbours that I haven’t. Leave a note for the lodger to feed the cats in the morning (she’ll come home for breakfast but he might not think to look for her). And head off.


One thought on “things are turning around

  1. I might suggest making a sugar pack and freezing the peaches if you have the space. We’ve found that the peaches are just as tasty, and freezing is soooo much faster. Just peel, cut, mix w/sugar and freeze. No canning jars needed; I prefer Ziplock freezer bags. I did pull a bag from the deep freezer and let it sit in the fridge for nearly a week, with all the intentions of making a cobbler. Well, time ran short so I just used them in jello. Fast and tasty! They did darken from sitting in the fridge so long, but that did not affect the flavor or texture, IMHO. I put up a bushel… might actually consider doing more next year! Glad things are looking up for you ๐Ÿ™‚


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