Everything seems to be going wrong

So now that the dishwasher’s all hooked up, I figured I could sail through the rest of my time here. A bit of work. A bit of reading. Some canning. …

Wednesday night I got a beer out of the fridge and it didn’t seem very cold. Hmmm. The freezer does seem cold. The lights come on in there. The beer isn’t cold. I adjusted the temperature dial to “colder” and drank cool beer.

Thursday morning I went to pour milk in my coffee and it was more the consistency of yogurt (I do have yogurt on my cereal so didn’t notice until I was ready for coffee). I drank my coffee black. I checked to see if the beer was cold. It wasn’t. I phoned the repair folks. A guy is coming today sometime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. So I got up early so I could be out of the shower by 8. Of course because I wasn’t in the shower, he hasn’t turned up yet.

I went to the market yesterday to buy some peaches. They had a deal on and I ended up with 6 baskets for $15. They looked fine. Apparently their supplier had brought twice as many as they’d ordered. Last night I started working on canning peaches. The second layer of every damn basket was moldy and lots of the top layer ones had bruises. I did four 500 ml jars of sliced peaches and went to bed. (I also cut my finger with the knife.) I am mad enough to want to go down there and complain. But I can’t leave the house because the fridge guy…

This is all very frustrating but life isn’t all bad. I had coffee with a friend yesterday. And lunch with another friend the day before. Both are people I don’t know that well but we want to get to know each other better. My work is chugging along. I’m going off to the Women’s Retreat my church runs later today (we’re supposed to meet at 3, but I guess my departure time depends on the fridge guy). I’ve never been to a retreat before. And I’m still ambivalent about the whole church thing. So I’m feeling a bit weird about it. I know some of the women going and like them. And our new minister seems nice and it’ll be good to get to know her a bit better.

But I also have some low-level anxiety about the fact that I’m ignoring the roma tomatoes. I think I need to do something with them today. But right now I am going to go drink my coffee (black) and read my book on the porch.


5 thoughts on “Everything seems to be going wrong

  1. a drink and a book – sounds like a good plan for the day.

    My luck with appointments like that is that they ALWAYS show up at the last possible minute. I hope you do/did better.


  2. Hey, you seem to have the same luck I did! A few years ago my DS’s father and I split… Suddenly I was left with a mortgage, two car payments (since they were all in my name).. trying to homeschool and work to make ends meet. I had to buy a new computer (he took that), since we were doing K12 back then, which is all online. Then my fridge and dryer died at the same time. I tried to stay on the bright side… at the time, it was January, so I was able to set all of our refrig goods outside, and freezer items went into the deep freezer.
    I made it through, selling one vehicle, and since it was tax time, I was able to use the refund for the new fridge and dryer. My repair guy came out, only to tell me what was wrong would take more money to fix than the cost of a new one. Hang in there! It’ll get better! And keep counting your blessings, because when you don’t, things always get worse. Good luck!


  3. He’s here right now (and it isn’t even 2 p.m. yet). The Evaporator Fan Motor seems to have gone. So all that cold being generated up in the freezer part is not being blown down to the fridge part. Unfortuately, they are not cheap… He’s checking if he has one in the truck.


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