Poetry: small steps

Becky put a good link in her comment on my recent lament about poetry. (Was it a lament? Perhaps not.)

So on the principal that a long journey begins with a single step, I have been listening to a few poems while cooking dinner. Apart from the annoyance of having to walk across the room to choose the next one, or pause it when the phone rings, it is rather a pleasant discipline.

The Poetry Archive has lots of recordings of poems read by the poets themselves. Always nice to see how they meant that to sound. And possibly one of my issues with reading it. I can never work out how the rhythm is supposed to go or if there is supposed to be one. (Does the line break have any aural function? Or is it merely visual? How does punctuation relate to the line breaks?) The trickiest part is figuring out where to start. Once you’ve listened to one, there seems to be a “where to next” link at the bottom of the page for something related somehow.

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