Poetry and me

This is not a Poetry Friday post. I love the idea of Poetry Friday but I freeze completely at the thought of posting something. And I have to admit that I tend not to read the poems folks on my regular blogroll post on Fridays. I have some kind of aversion.

Literature is one of those subjects that I never “got” in school. You know how some folks say that they got good marks in math but feel like they don’t know anything about it? That’s me with literature. I read voraciously. But I never understood what was going on with literature class. Still don’t. I love Deconstructing Penguins but have absolutely no confidence I could guide that kind of a discussion about a book that isn’t already in there. (Seems I was going on about similar concerns this time last year.)

So. Poetry. Not sure how I didn’t get clued into it. I read a lot of A.A.Milne as a child and enjoyed it. I remember enjoying Dennis Lee as well. But I never really moved beyond kids poetry. I’ve had occasional forays into contemporary poetry — Jackie Kay, for example. And Mat got me interested in Attila the Stockbroker. But mostly I don’t know where to start and find that reminder that I haven’t got a clue to be kind of paralyzing.

One of the things I like about homeschooling is the ability to learn along with your kid. I didn’t know anything about art until Tigger got interested in it, either. So I figure this is my opportunity to figure out poetry. Or at least learn to be comfortable with it. I love Julie’s idea of teatimes. But having a teatime when you have only one child feels a bit weird. I’ve hosted one before with a few of Tigger’s friends and everyone loved it but that never became a regular thing.

No more. Our homeschool group has just had a meeting to work out what we’re going to do this term. I said, I’d like to do a teatime about once a month. So that’s what I’m doing. We each host 3 sessions between mid-September and mid-December and mine are pretty evenly spaced (and in the calendar). My plan is to go to the library and stock up on poetry books from the kids section so that I have a selection of things on hand when the kids get here. And bake. And make sure we have some nice drinks in (even for those who don’t want tea). And then we’ll just see what happens.

My first teatime is September 23. I might get some fall themed stuff. And I need something that our one lone boy might like (he brought a hockey poem the last time) so he isn’t overwhelmed by fairies or something. And I need to think of something to read to them while they have their tea…


7 thoughts on “Poetry and me

  1. AHA! I have that Masefield poem and didn’t even know it. It is in the BBC Books collection “The Nation’s Favourite Poems”. I’ll put a flag in it. Thanks.


  2. I’d been avoiding Poetry Friday all summer because I was never near the computer then, and now I find that I’m starting up again you won’t be stopping by lol.

    Some poetry is just marvelous for reading aloud/listening to. You can also find lots on CD or online, so maybe you can listen while doing something else (gardening or knitting, say), and still make selections,


    And a suggestion for Billy Collins, because I think you, and Tigger, might like him.

    If you can find it through the library, Kenneth Koch’s “Rose, Where Did You Get That Red?: Teaching Great Poetry to Children” is very good,


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