Probabilistic thinking

One thing I love about blogging is how much I learn. I hope none of you were under the impression that I have everything figured out. I am a extrovert decision maker, which means that I need to talk about things with others in order to figure them out. And sometimes, just the word someone uses makes a whole bunch of stuff click.

“Probabilistic thinking” is a phrase Sarah used in her comment on my last post. (She also provided a link to a cool simulation so you might want to check that out.) I had been talking about how my general goal for math is to develop the skills needed to spend time working on tough problems and at least move towards a solution. But because the stuff we’ve been working on recently has been probability her response made me recognize a reasonable objective for the probability stuff: shifting to probabilistic thinking instead of “one right answer” thinking.

This ties in really well with the physics stuff I’d been reading because so much of physics relies on this way of looking at the world. As does so much of life, as I have also pointed out.

So now I have a clearer sense of what we’re doing and why. For now, anyway.

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