Probability problems

That ice-cream problem worked so well that I thought I should keep going with that kind of approach. We haven’t covered much probability so I thought that I would continue in that vein.

This morning we worked a bit with dice talking about the chances of rolling a particular number, rolling it 3 times in a row, rolling it once in 3 rolls, etc. We went on to talk about rolling 2 dice and the probability of different sums, something that is important strategically in some games (including Settlers of Catan, which marks the probability on the number tiles).

But this was not grabbing Tigger’s interest as much as the ice-cream problem did. So I’ve been looking for some other problems. And then I remembered to check my own links page. Duh. The NRICH site is a treasure trove of interesting problems. I did a search on probablity and then looked at a bunch of the different detailed topics. I narrowed each set of results to Key Stage 2 & 3 + Problems. You could narrow it differently depending on your kids. (Steph, you might want to look at Key Stage 1 for your younger ones.) There is an explanation of the Key Stage thing somewhere on that site for those not familiar with the UK system.

The Lady or the Lion looks like something that might appeal to Tigger. I’ve printed it along with couple of other things.

There is even an article on the history of probability.

I’m also thinking that we could do worse than just go to that site and try one of the monthly problems 3 times a week or something. Rotate between topics. Whatever. Hmmm…

If anyone else has some cool problems they want to tell me about, shout out in the comments. I’m not buying any books though.

6 thoughts on “Probability problems

  1. Does your library have any of the Childcraft volumes? They’ll be over by the encyclopedias or in the children’s reference section. Look for the annual called Mathmagic.

    That has some cool problems, groovy art, and some great things to read and do.

    And it’s why I always blindly grab 3 socks from my drawer, knowing I will get a pair. 😀


  2. Well, well. I started on the 3 scoops thing while the girls were at the park after our last trip to the ice cream store but gave it up due to the difficulty of visualizing the 3-D grid I wanted. Now I might have to go back to it…


  3. Thanks for the link, JoVE. I was sorry to see Rainforest Math go away; my younger two use it all the time and it was handy for those “slightly at loose ends” moments in the day, when they want to do some math but I don’t have a moment to sit with them.


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  5. Wow! I’ve never seen the NRICH site before. Thanks for writing about it! I’ll have to explore that.

    And thanks for your comments on my blog. I love hearing from you.


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