Book Review: The Eyrie

How come I have never heard of Stevie Davies?! I found a copy of The Eyrie on one of those display shelves at the end of the library stacks. I know one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but a good cover often entices me to actually pick a book up and read the jacket blurb. (BTW, the cover on the copy in my library is different from the one at that link.) So, if there are any librarians out there, keep sticking random books on those display shelves, because it really does help some of us deal with the overwhelming nature of the full collection.

The Eyrie is set in and around an old Victorian mansion that has been turned into flats (apartments for the Americans). It is near Swansea and thus on the sea. The novel revolves around 3 characters: Dora, a 92 year old Scottish communist, veteran of the International Brigades and many struggles since; Eirlys, whose age I’m not sure is mentioned but is in her 60s I think, a veteran of the Welsh nationalist movement; and Hannah, in her 40s, and looking for her roots. The relationships among these 3 women and others around them are the real meat of the book. They are very well drawn and touch on issues of love, family, politics, and death in thought provoking ways.

I find myself drawn to this kind of novel. I am never sure how to describe it but I like books that are about characters, as long as they are well written. This one is.

One of the inside pages indicates that this woman has written 9 other novels. Well, I guess I won’t run out of things to read anytime soon. 🙂


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